Optimize management from your quality control laboratory.

Discover ActizLab: A high-performance Laboratory Information Management System that offers everything a laboratory needs. Have software specialized in quality control operations and gain centrality, data traceability, security and efficiency.

Companies that are protagonists in optimizing quality control  are with us:

the evolution of the LIMS System that will take your laboratory to the next level

Discover a simpler and more agile way to guarantee quality and accuracy in your analyses. ActizLab is capable of serving industries of different sizes and segments with the same efficiency:

Reduce errors and rework. Simplify your operations with a complete LIMS solution

ActizLab combines all the tools you need to increase your laboratory's productivity and efficiency.


Centralize data and its management

You in command! Centralize your data in LIMS software that streamlines laboratory operations, prevents data loss and accelerates results, saving time and money.

  • Create workflows and automate processes;
  • Ensure data integrity and avoid losses;
  • Eliminate manual errors and rework;
  • Inventory management, maintenance and more.

Transform data into knowledge and good decisions

ActizLab has an integrated Business Intelligence (BI) module , capable of analyzing data, generating indicators and trend graphs. Get valuable, real-time insights to make your decisions more assertive and effective.


The tailor-made LIMS system for your quality control

We develop modules that can be contracted according to your needs. You start digitizing your quality control laboratory and Actiz delivers scalability to your management.

Complete control of your inputs

Avoid material shortages or waste with a detailed view of the resources available in your quality control laboratory.

  • Registration and management of inputs
  • Purchase request approvals
  • Cost monitoring
  • Consumption notifications
  • Inventory control
  • Input allocation
  • Quality control
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Security in document management

Easily and efficiently organize laboratory documents related to samples, tests and procedures, with traceability and regulatory compliance.  

  • Document management
  • Version control and history
  • Quick document search and retrieval
  • Approval and review workflows
  • Creating records from Excel
  • Sample tracking throughout the process
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Analyst training management

Manage the training of your laboratory employees, improve the quality of test results and the efficiency of operations. 

  • Pending training alerts
  • Integrations with other LIMS System modules
  • Integrations with other LIMS System modules
  • Training reporting generation
  • Registration and information management
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Control over the life cycle of equipment

Manage your equipment from acquisition to maintenance and replacement, ensuring accuracy and reliability of test and analysis results. 

  • Equipment calibration control
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automatic report generation and alerts
  • Assigning specific tasks
  • Creation of preventive maintenance history 
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Be part of the digital transformation in quality control laboratories and achieve these results:


cost of reagents


sample processing time


of errors

Those who trust Actiz and have already tested the efficiency of our LIMS software can see the results:

Advanced integrations with other systems

Easily integrate ActizLab with other systems, allowing for even more complete laboratory data management.

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Validatable LIMS system with proven quality

Our certifications and seals are internationally recognized and guarantee the quality and security of your laboratory's data, processes and operations.

More than 15 years of expertise to develop a LIMS solution present in several countries

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Your laboratory deserves the best LIMS System on the market

With ActizLab, you can conduct laboratory operations with greater ease and productivity. Count on our customer success and support team for a transformative experience managing your laboratory.

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What is a LIMS System?

A LIMS System — Laboratory Information Management System — is software with features that support the operations of a quality control laboratory and allows the efficient management of processes, activities and information generated.


A properly implemented and configured LIMS has the potential to equalize four critical variables in a laboratory: productivity, quality, cost and response time, in addition to facilitating regulation with Regulatory Bodies.

What is the difference between LIMS and LIS systems?

There is often some confusion in the use of the terms Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The term LIS refers to systems used to manage clinical diagnostic tests in a hospital or healthcare setting. 


On the other hand, LIMS refers to systems used in other analytical testing environments, for example, those associated with pharmaceutical, food, or chemical manufacturing, environmental control, quality control, and commercial nonclinical testing organizations. LISs are patient-centric systems, while LIMSs are designed to meet sample-centric laboratory requirements.

Why is ActizLab the evolution of the LIMS System?

ActizLab, the revolutionary Laboratory Optimization system that is redefining the way laboratories manage their operations and processes. With innovative features and functionalities, ActizLab increases the efficiency and productivity of analysts and laboratory users, providing a modern and easy-to-use experience, going beyond traditional laboratory management systems.

ActizLab features a contemporary design and a friendly and intuitive interface that facilitates adaptation and integration into daily laboratory processes. Advanced automation and seamless integration with other systems and equipment optimize workflow and increase productivity.

Try ActizLab and transform your laboratory management with the evolution in Laboratory Optimization.

Is ActizLab validatable?

Yes, ActizLab is validable and complies with the technical provisions of standard RDC nº 658/2022 and the Normative Instructions linked to it and Guide nº 33/2020.


We stay up to date on the latest regulations from the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and work to ensure that our system meets all necessary requirements for validating computerized systems in regulated industries.

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